Public Deliverables

Deliverable Name
Beneficiary leader
Due Month
D1.1 Project Management Handbook WP1 DAIMLER AG Report 2
D1.10 Data Management Plan WP1 DAIMLER AG ORDP: Open Research Data Pilot 18
D2.1 Requirements for positioning quality WP2 TCA Report 6
D2.2 Galileo Positioning System for Trucks WP2 TCA Demonstrator 12
D2.5 Testing and Validation of the Positioning System WP2 DAIMLER AG Report 18
D5.1 Movement monitoring with critical area alarm/eCall WP5 DAIMLER AG Demonstrator 18
D6.4 Implementation of risk communication to vehicle (V2V) WP6 WIT Demonstrator 12
D6.5 Implementation of risk communication to pedestrians (V2P) WP6 WIT Demonstrator 24
D6.6 Implementation of risk communication to infrastructure (V2I) WP6 WIT Demonstrator 30
D6.8 Implementation of V2X security and data protection WP6 WIT Demonstrator 24
D6.10 Implementation of alert/eCall for risk communication WP6 WIT Demonstrator 24
D7.3 Autonomous emergency manoeuvres basic WP7 DAIMLER AG Demonstrator 24
D7.4 Autonomous emergency manoeuvres combined WP7 DAIMLER AG Demonstrator 33
D8.1 Methodology for test and pilots WP8 WIT Report 12
D8.2 Test and demo precise vehicle positioning WP8 DAIMLER AG Demonstrator 12
D8.3 Test and demo object detection and situation prediction WP8 DAIMLER AG Demonstrator 24
D8.4 Test and demo autonomous emergency manoeuvres WP8 DAIMLER AG Demonstrator 36
D9.2 TransSec website 1 WP9 WIT Websites, patents filling, etc. 8
D9.3 Dissemination results WP9 WIT Report 12
D9.10 TransSec website 3 WP9 WIT Websites, patents filling, etc. 36
D9.12 TransSec website 2 WP9 WIT Websites, patents filling, etc. 24