Review Time: TransSec Final Review @ M36

After what can only be described as the most unconventional year due to the CoVid-19 pandemic which wreaked global havoc, the EU funded TransSec project is coming to an end. The official final review for the project is due to take place, virtually, in the final month of the project: M36, in January 2021. All of the partners are pulling together to make available all of the information and achievements for the PO and reviewers.

Originally there were plans to have not only a pilot carried out by professional drivers but also a public day where members of the public, press and related industry were invited to attend a series of presentations, talks and hands on drives around the city of Stuttgart to unveil the TransSec truck to the public. Again due to CoVid-19 these events had to be cancelled for public health safety reasons which have left the consortium with a sense of anti-climax. As the project partners have worked tireless to realise the objectives of TransSec there would have been no better platform to share those achievements with the public.

As a result the consortium have been motivated to make the final review a worthy replacement, we can only hope that the enthusiasm of the partners is not lost over the virtual setting!

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