Final Months – Reminding Ourselves About the Projects Objectives

As the consortium approaches the final few months of the TransSec project it is worth reminding ourselves what the overall objectives of the project are. As time marches on it can sometimes cause us to lose sight of the overall objectives and have tunnel vision regarding particular aspects of the project. Its good to stop and think about the big picture and bear in mind what it is that the team is attempting to achieve. So with that in mind the main TransSec Project Objectives are:

Analysis: To obtain a more comprehensive analysis of a situational context using a data fusion module that fuses and processes vehicle monitoring data.

Detection: One of the primary objectives of the project is pre-crash detection implemented onboard the vehicle to detect vulnerable objects on/off-road.

Maneuvering: Our aim is to implement an autonomous system into vehicles in order to perform emergency maneuvering procedures to bring a vehicle to a safe halt in the case of a potential crash being detected.

Positioning: Precise vehicle positioning is critical to the project. This includes both on-road (lane) and off-road positioning and navigational systems.

Security: Another primary objectives for the project is to implement a highly-secure network of communication systems for V2V, V2I and V2P communications to be used for critical information exchange.

Monitoring: Vehicle movement will be monitored closely, especially during transport of dangerous goods. The TransSec platform will incorporate the alarm/eCall system within its implementation.

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