Pilot Testing – How to measure the TransSec effect…

The TransSec consortium had been working tirelessly to complete the integration tasks required to deliver the first fully operational prototype of the TransSec platform in the testbed trucks. The intension was to carry out a full pilot study with professional drivers, from the Daimler test center in Stuttgart, whos hands on experience would feed back into the development and analysis processes of the TransSec outcomes.

As each pilot test run was completed the drivers would complete questionnaires to capture their thoughts and feedback Re the overall driving experience and how TransSec affected that experience.

Due to CoVid-19 the whole pilot study had to be scrapped. The consortium could not guarantee the safety of the drivers (from a Covid-19 perspective) therefore in the interest of safety the decision was made to cancel the pilot study completely.

As can be seen from the figure below significant effort was spent in the integration of the various WPs and their associated technologies but the partners are confident that the results can be presented in an equally pleasing manner via the various video demonstrators that will be made available over the next few months.

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