Simulations of V2V evacuation within TransSec

In a classic road transport situation, when a traffic incident occurs, there is no immediate notification to surrounding vehicles beyond that of driver vision or potential noise. By such time that drivers in the surrounding area have become aware of the incident, evacuation of the area has already begun. The evacuation of the area is uncontrolled, and the direction of evacuation is at drivers’ discretion.

TransSec vehicle evacuation simulations

This can lead to traffic build-up, and, potential further incidents as vehicles evacuate the area in an uncontrolled manner. With TransSec, we aim to offer a resolution.

TransSec vehicle evacuation algorithms will calculate the optimal route for vehicles to evacuate the area surrounding an incident in the safest, most efficient manner. The simulation video above demonstrates the approach we are taking to vehicle evacuation.

Vehicles will be directed toward a safe exit point, calculated based on a number of factors, which include the vehicle density and relative position to the incident epicentre.

The TransSec vehicle evacuation algorithm is ongoing work as part of Work Package 6, and the simulation video above is presented as an introduction to the overall approach taken.

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