Review time: TransSec mid-term review @ M18

In July 2019 the TransSec consortium held its med-term with with EU Commission and the GSA at the Daimler AG partner’s premises in Stuttgart. The structure of the review was pretty standard for the most part in that all of the work packages presented their work and achievements within the first reporting period along with their plans for the second period. Once all of these presentations were completed the review shifted towards what can be regarded as the most interesting aspect of the TransSec project, the demonstrators of the TransSec achievements utilising real trucks on the roads in Stuttgart. The ability to provide the project officer and the reviewers first hand experience around the TransSec use cases and how they are being addressed was invaluable as it shared just how the complex the TransSec problem definition is. The feedback from the reviewers provided an excellent base and motivation for the entire consortium regarding the continued work for the second period.
So now that the review has been completed all of the partners can take a breath before resuming the remainder of the projects objectives in time for the next (and final) review.

The TransSec consortium at the mid-term review backed by the test trucks

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