TransSec Releases New Animated Demonstration Video

When exhibiting at events or conferences, with many other exhibits competing for attention, it can be difficult to get a message across at a quick glance. It is with this in mind that we have created an animated demonstration to convey the goals of TransSec in a quick and easy manner.

Using a combination of 3D visuals and text overlay, the video offers general information about the project and its partners, while offering a simple demonstration of some of the TransSec use cases, with plans to update the video over the course of the project.

The video was publicly shown for the first time at the Amplitude conference in Waterford, Ireland at the beginning of October and received a good response from interested parties. Look out for the video at any events or conferences attending by TransSec over the coming months and years, and any such events will be listed on the Presentations, Press Releases & Events section of the TransSec website.

This video is also available under the projects’ YouTube channel here:

TransSec Animated Demonstration

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