Plenary Meeting #2 in Kilkenny

The second plenary meeting for TransSec was held this week in the beautiful city of Kilkenny in Ireland. This meeting was hosted by TSSG from Waterford Institute of Technology and we made sure to make use of the fantastic surrounding so that the partners could enjoy the venue as well as progress the work within the project. This meeting was focused primarily on the planning for the next phase of the project. Up to now most of the efforts has been spend on investigation and research within the domains specific to each work package and this meeting provided an opportunity for the partners to share their findings and present their plans for the following phase of the project that will bring us up the the end of the first year. Whats especially important is that we have the first set of demos from multiple work packages due at the end of month 12 so this meeting was vitally important to give the consortium an opportunity to lay out the plans for each of the demos. So now its back to work and to execute on the decisions made during the meeting and to focus the development effort on the demonstrators.

The venue itself and the consortium members.


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